Fans prepared special's birthday present for Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki is one of the young Korean stars who are very being adored by Chinese audiences, especially after drama My Girl was successfully when broadcasting on Hunan television station on the recent Lunar New Year.

In April last year, Lee Jun Ki has organized a big birthday party in Korea. It's near his birthday in April, Chinese fans are preparing the special presents to give him. They also assigned an association to come to Korea to participate this party.

According to sina's reporters, Chinese fans have gathered all the wishes for Lee Jun Ki; in there also had signatures of about 100.000 people. The fans also prepared special foods from all around the country. Besides, his official fanclub also revealed that they have prepared a mystical present which will be keep a secret till the last minute.

In addition, about those preparations, Lee Jun Ki's company said "We really touched and we'll send the wishes to Lee Jun Ki immediately. He hopes he has many chances to meet Chinese fans, hopes that he will have a chance to celebrate his birthday in China".



July 21, 2008 at 4:26 PM

I heard that lots of chinese and vietnamese girls are in LOVE with korean celebrities. o_O


April 21, 2010 at 1:06 AM

I am one of the biggest fan of Lee Jun Ki and I'm from Indonesia, I was very like with Lee Jun Ki's acting both in films and in the drama series. I started to like Lee Jun Ki's acting after watching My Girl. After that, I started to watch nearly every movie or drama, starring Lee Jun Ki. Much Lve for Lee Jun Ki...(^_^)