Korean Hunk Artist Kim Jang Hoon collapses in concert

Korean Hunk Artist Kim Jang Hoon collapses in concert

This should be subtitled, “Korea: The Land of Overworked Pop Stars.”

Kind of a frightening sight, isn’t it?

Singer Kim Jang Hoon collapsed in concert on June 28 and was sent to the emergency room while performing as part of the “West Coast Festival” concert being held for the benefit of revitalizing the local economy after the oil spill devastated the region last year. After singing only two songs, Kim collapsed onstage, in the middle of singing his third, “Champion.” He recovered consciousness in the ambulance, but his condition is described as “requiring absolute rest.”

It seems we get another singer/actor/celebrity collapsing every other week or so, with “overwork” and “exhaustion” cited as the overwhelming culprit. Granted, it used to be that “exhaustion” was the catch-all word for American celebrity hospitalizations too, but we all know that’s just code for less-savory reasons like drug abuse or Britney-esque meltdowns. At least in Korea, exhaustion does actually seem to be the actual reason. It certainly was for Kim Jang Hoon, who’d reportedly overworked himself in preparation for his performance, getting only an hour of sleep a night for the past week.

He wasn’t able to continue the concert, although fellow singers continued after he was sent to the hospital. Members of punk-rock band No Brain and Super Junior (pictured below) headed to the hospital to visit Kim afterward.

source: newsen

Asian Hunks "Gokusen" boys to present Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards

"Gokusen" boys to present Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards

Three of the young male stars from "Gokusen 3" are headed to Taiwan next month. Yuya Takaki, Junta Nakama, and Akito Kiriyama have been announced as guest presenters at the 19th Golden Melody Awards, which are being held at the Taipei Arena on July 5. The three are also scheduled to perform a few songs at the event, such as the "Gokusen 3" insert song "Oretachi no Seishun."

Japanese artists who have presented the awards in the past include Jun Matsumoto, Tegomass, and Dreams Come True.

This year's awards show is scheduled to be broadcast in 58 countries.

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So, we already knew that Ishiguro Hideo, the actor who played Hayato's brother in Gokusen 2, will be in Gokusen 3 as well. For that reason some of the fans were hoping to see Jin in this one too. But Ishiguro Hodeo's character name has been announced and surprise! the character he's playing is not Hayato's brother! His name is Honjou Kengo.
Anyway, I'm still hoping to see someone from Yankumi's former students from Gokusen 2 in this season too *praying* >.<
After all in season 2 there was one of her former students from the first season (Kuma)...
And speaking of Kuma, he will be in the third season too (played by the same actor). (source: producer's diary) (on that note, producer's diary is fun to read if anyone's interested)

Here are photos of this season's students:

Main 6 characters The rest of the class

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