Kat-Tun new album release - sales skyrocket

Kat-Tun new album release - sales skyrocket

After their performance of "One Drop" on Music Station last Feb 13, KAT-TUN will be back next week to perform their next single "Rescue", which will be released on March 11. On Feb 20, Music Station will bring us the first "Rescue" performance.

On new release Wednesday (Feb 11) KAT-TUN takes the #1 spot with "One Drop"!

x->1 - KAT-TUN - 79,577 (x1.75) = 139,260
x->2 - Stereopony - 5,010 (x1.75) = 8,768
x->3 - The Gospellers - 3,756 (x1.75) = 6,573

* normally, actual sales figures to be shown at the end of the week would reveal a higher sales numbers, so One Drop sales for 1st day is estimated at 150,000.

As regards their next releases, KAT-TUN are also about to put their backs into it: 2 months after White X'mas, ONE DROP will be out on February 11th and is used as the theme song of Kami no Shizuku, a drama with Kazuya Kamenashi playing the main character. The same goes for the following month: RESCUE, theme song of the eponymous drama where a KAT-TUN member (Yuiichi Nakamaru this time) again has got the main role, will be out on March 11th.

congrats KT!! and their lead from the no. 2 in Oricon is really big.
they eat up the singles market, though they are releasing another single soon. that's tough!

Rescue is coming so fast after One Drop!! would be waiting for their first performance, and of course the MV!!

150K sales on the first day is a huge number! congrats KT!!
One Drop just released, now they are gearing up for Rescue! ah, so fast..!!
i'm excited for their first performance of Rescue!!

Kat-Tun new album release - sales skyrocket