Rain to present new artist by year's end and debut as a producer

Top star Rain plans to debut a solo female artist and male group by year's end, making his own debut as a producer. In February, he revealed at a press conference his intention to debut 2 new teams within the year. According to Rain's reps, these artists are a solo female and a male group. Though teens, they're exceptional singers and dancers and the bearers of much expectation. Rain also recently made news for being awarded the "Korean Image Stepping Stone Award" on the 19th for elevating Korea's image.

Fans reactions:

I don't know why all these celebrities are dabbling in a little bit of everything (well I do, the money). It's quality not quantity.
They should stick to what they do best.

so he finally gave up on the US debut thing?lol...

he's busy-- he's starting to shoot playing the lead in this
new Wachowski film-- NINJA ASSASSIN this month in Berlin until July. He may still try the US market once he gets better known from his US films. Speed Racer comes out in May

I don't think it is the money that motivates them to dabble in other aspects of the entertainment industry. I think it is genuine interest in finding other things they are good at while still being in the industry they love. They obviously know they can't be an idol forever, so what is wrong with doing something else they find rewarding in the same field.

rain is so busy can he honestly handle all this..and he is still an actor and singer himself..and a very busy one..i wouldnt try to do all these stuff at the same time...
but if he suceeds im gona congrats him