Philippine Meaty Hunk Ding Dong Does ala Beckham for underwear endorsement -Bench

Dingdong was simply an eye candy before – someone who stars in teenybopper TV shows and movies. He has been a loyal prince of this little kingdom called GMA Network, waiting for the right recognition one awaits in showbiz while he’s counterparts in the other station have expedited far enough on their own leagues. But he remained faithful to his mother network and after more than a decade in the industry, his hard work finally paid off.

The moment his humongous Bench billboard was unveiled last Saturday, March 8, in Guadalupe, Makati City, young actor Dingdong Dantes tried his best to remain cool amidst all the applause and colorful fireworks that lit the evening sky.

Dingdong worked hard to achieve his hunky image, going through all the pains and discipline he imposed on himself every time he went to the gym to workout.
Dingdong Dantes is the latest endorser of Bench Body, the underwear line for the Philippine global brand Bench.

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SEX Scandal offender Edison Chen Busted, Spotted in Hong Kong

Edison Chen Busted, Spotted in Hong Kong

After returning to Hong Kong last month to face the media and assist the police with the investigation, Edison was reported to have secretly left the city. During this time, his company have insisted that the actor has been residing in USA. But yesterday, a Hong Kong tabloid exposed the performer, by reporting that he had returned to Hong Kong secretly and that he is currently staying at the Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel. The magazine also published a picture of someone resembling Edison but due to the picture’s fuzziness, it is hard to verify if the person is indeed Edison himself.

After leaving Hong Kong, Edison was said to have flown to Thailand and then USA. But a magazine yesterday revealed that the actor-singer had flown to Thailand but had never boarded a plane for USA, instead returned to Hong Kong in secret. But upon his return, Edison did not return to his luxury home or stay at the high security hotel, Four Seasons, instead, he chose the Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel. It seems that Edison is attending to some personal business and preparing to live in America permanently. It is believed that Edison will fly to America when the school year begins.

The tabloid also revealed that Edison was seen smoking on his ninth level hotel room and that he had made agreements with the hotel to use the special entrance.

A witness had told the magazine that on the 9th he had saw Edison near the Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel. The witness accounted, “On that day, around 5pm, Edison was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and beanie and made his way to Cyberport’s The Arcade from the hotel. He did not have any bodyguards but was accompanied by a female of around 20 years of age. I saw with my own eyes that Edison was with a westerner, who was quite good looking. She was holding something like a document, it seemed like they were talking business. They were laughing and Edison appeared to be relaxed. But when he noticed that someone was looking at him, he immediately looked down and walked away.”

When reporters asked Edison’s management company, the spokeswoman, Ms. Leung said, “The Hong Kong media did not see him. (Where is Edison?) In America! He is organising things over there.”

Fated To Love You: White Valentine's Day Test Screening big success

Fated To Love You: White Valentine's Day Test Screening big success

The SETTV/TTV idol drama collaboration, Fated To Love You, will begin broadcasting on TTV on the 16th. TTV, therefore, specially decided to hold a test screening today, March 14... more commonly known as White (Valentine's) Day. TTV vice president Qiu Yue said, "The difference between this drama and most other dramas is that our 'climax' is right at the beginning! Additionally, on the 16th, we are actually going to show 120 minutes in one go. This is to present the 'quintessence' of our drama to our friends in the audience at once."

Because the plotline of Fated To Love You stems from "mistaken beds," TTV specially provided a "bed" at the test screening. Upon seeing it, the actors and actresses could only stare in surprise!

The four main actors for Fated To Love You, Ethan Ruan JingTian, Joe Chen QiaoEn, Baron Chen ChuHe, and Bianca Bai XinHui, took great pains to accommodate the media photos, even climbing "onto" the bed together! Because it was White Day, Ethan gave a bouquet of flowers to Bianca; Baron's present to Chen QiaoEn was a heart-shaped popped rice ball. This made both female artists feel extremely disappointed.

During the screening, when it came time for Ethan and Chen QiaoEn's bed scene, Ethan unknowingly covered his own eyes. He moaned, "It's almost like watching a porno!" This bed scene was filmed on a cruise ship, however, in order to achieve a more realistic effect, the director drew the flaps of the tent closed and filmed it again! Originally, they had all agreed that the site would be cleared for the bed scene; however, half-way through, they suddenly discovered that the tent was filled with on-lookers!

Chen QiaoEn protested that this was basically like making love twice in one night! And, more importantly, in front of a whole crowd of people!, making her feel very shameful. However, aside from the bed scene, which made people's cheeks blush and hearts speed up, the drama's "kuso" and comical scenes also induced quite a bit of laughter. Chen QiaoEn's character in the drama, a "sticky-note" girl, is, in the beginning, inconspicious and not given any respect from her peers and colleagues; however, her story-- of finding love and herself-- is, without a doubt, the dream of any modern "ordinary" girl.

Chen QiaoEn has a very ordinary name in the drama-- XinYi-- aside from her, however, actresses Song XinNi and Zhong XinLing play XinYi's older sisters, QingXia and FengJiao, respectively; their names are also quite comical.* Zhong XinLing said happily that she hadn't needed to diet or worry about her belly for this drama... because, from start to finish, she is pregnant! Song XinNi then grumbled, "Why is Chen QiaoEn the one with the one-night stand? Instead of me?"
* Translator's Note: QingXia and FengJiao are the names of two very famous actresses who consistently played romance author Qiong Yao's heroines. One of them, Lin FengJiao, is actually Jackie Chan's wife

TTV on-line held a "Sticky-Note Girl Make-over" event to coincide with the broadcast of Fated To Love You. Registering on-line will give users the chance to win a make-over transformation!

Fated To Love You Chen Qiao En was teased for sticking out her tongue while engrossed in kissing scene
Chen Qiao En had a daring bed scene with Ethan Ruan in idol drama “Fated To Love You”. Chen Qiao En was teased by others because she forgot herself and stuck out her tongue while engrossed in a kissing scene, she laughed embarrassedly: “That’s not true! That was the effect of animation, it is not real!” And Ethan Ruan was questioned on whether he had any physical reaction during the bed scene? Chen Qiao En smiled contentedly and said: “He was hard, his entire body was hard.” Ethan Ruan immediately denied: “You know filming a bed scene is very tedious, the director wanted to film from every angle, of course the body was stiff!”

TTV Sunday new idol drama “Fated To Love You” will start airing on this Sunday (3/16) on 10pm. Yesterday it held a special press preview on White Valentine’s Day (3/14). The audience not only had red faces watching Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan’s bed scene, the Kuso funny images also had the audiences laughing. Bianca Bai purposely teased Ethan Ruan for his realistic performance and Ethan Ruan laughed: “You don’t understand! This is natural reaction!” For the one night stand bed scene, the two of them relied on red wine to boost their courage. Ethan Ruan became talkative after drinking and insisted on acting like the director to teach the bed scene. Chen Qiao En said: “Are you very experienced? And you still want to teach me.” This bed scene was filmed in the cruise’s cabin but to make it more realistic, the director filmed it a second time inside a room. Originally they agreed to clear the room but when they were filming halfway, they realized that there were many people crowded around to watch the show. Chen Qiao En said: “This is a one night two stands and we still had to act in front of so many people! It was embarrassing!”

During the day of the preview, Ethan Ruan gave a huge bouquet for flowers to his girlfriend in the drama, and Baron Chen gave a bouquet of specially made heart-shaped popcorns to Chen Qiao En. Chen Qiao En said happily: “This is really more suitable for sticky note girl, because we can fill our stomach with it!” The event held a truth psychology test based on the storyline and in the end Bianca Bai won the most points for queen of one night stands. Bianca Bai said embarrassedly: “I only chose what others did not choose! Actually I am very conservative!” Baron Chen said: “Don’t make excuses! This is a subconscious psychology test, so just admit it!”

TTV’s vice president Qiu Yue announced a good piece of news during the event. On the 16th of March the first episode will be 120 minutes long and the bed scene alone will take up a lot of screen time, of course the bed scene is one of the main selling points of this romantic comedy. In the drama, Chen Qiao En character of “sticky note girl”, from being initially inconspicuous and unvalued, to finding true love later on, is the dream of very ordinary girl. TTV also organizes a “Sticky Note Girl Transformation” event. Whoever signs up on TTV’s website will have a chance to transformed!

Fated To Love You: White Valentine's Day Test Screening big success
Fated To Love You: White Valentine's Day Test Screening big success
Fated To Love You: White Valentine's Day Test Screening big success
Fated To Love You: White Valentine's Day Test Screening big success
Fated To Love You: White Valentine's Day Test Screening big success

The closest thing to a real Korean “world star”

Super(duper) Hallyu star Jang Dong Gun’s recent fanmeeting (scheduled to coincide with his birthday, as many fanmeets do) reportedly attracted fans from — get this — sixteen different countries. Wow. I guess that’s a promising factoid to keep in mind when considering his upcoming role in the Hollywood flick Laundry Warrior (costarring Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush, produced by the people who brought you the Lord of the Rings), for which he just finished filming in New Zealand.

The 36-year-old has returned to Korea for the first time in six months, and held his birthday bash on March 8 (his birthday’s the 7th) in Seoul’s Coex Auditorium; it’s his first fanmeeting in Korea in two years (he did hold one last March in Japan).

In attendance were a thousand fans who came from countries including but not limited to: Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, England, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

From Jang’s Mexican fan club: “I’m so happy to be able to meet Jang Dong Gun in person like this for the first time” and “Jang Dong Gun is really popular in Mexico.”

Jang Dong Gun showed footage he’d taken himself while in New Zealand for filming, which included not only everyday events but also him hanging out with the Hollywood film crew. The event was emceed by Kim Jae Dong, and included guests Sung Shi Kyung, Fly to the Sky, Gong Hyung Jin, Han Jae Seok, Hyun Bin, and Shin Mina.

source: OSEN
Translated: dramabeans

Rain to present new artist by year's end and debut as a producer

Top star Rain plans to debut a solo female artist and male group by year's end, making his own debut as a producer. In February, he revealed at a press conference his intention to debut 2 new teams within the year. According to Rain's reps, these artists are a solo female and a male group. Though teens, they're exceptional singers and dancers and the bearers of much expectation. Rain also recently made news for being awarded the "Korean Image Stepping Stone Award" on the 19th for elevating Korea's image.

Fans reactions:

I don't know why all these celebrities are dabbling in a little bit of everything (well I do, the money). It's quality not quantity.
They should stick to what they do best.

so he finally gave up on the US debut thing?lol...

he's busy-- he's starting to shoot playing the lead in this
new Wachowski film-- NINJA ASSASSIN this month in Berlin until July. He may still try the US market once he gets better known from his US films. Speed Racer comes out in May

I don't think it is the money that motivates them to dabble in other aspects of the entertainment industry. I think it is genuine interest in finding other things they are good at while still being in the industry they love. They obviously know they can't be an idol forever, so what is wrong with doing something else they find rewarding in the same field.

rain is so busy can he honestly handle all this..and he is still an actor and singer himself..and a very busy one..i wouldnt try to do all these stuff at the same time...
but if he suceeds im gona congrats him

Lee Jun Ki comes to Hongkong to attend opening anniversary of LV

Actor Lee Jun Ki will come to Hongkong on March 14 to attend the opening of commercial centre Louis Vuitton. This is the second biggest centre selling LV commodities in the world.

Apart from Lee Jun Ki, many other Asian stars such as Choi Ji Woo, Donald Chow Yun-Fat, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, Aaron Kwok Fu-Shing and other Hollywood stars including Kanye West, Eva Herzigova also join this anniversary.

The management director of LV Yves Carcelle will arrange this anniversary. The manager of this opening said "Although Lee Jun Ki is young, he has gained great popularity and love from audiences. Lee Jun Ki owns a perfect image. We give him a special priority."

The management company of Lee Jun Ki said "Recently, Lee Jun Ki has been appointed official tourism promoter of Korea and China, so he gets much attention and support. Everybody will see this worldly advertisement may be a new contract to him.”

Fans prepared special's birthday present for Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki is one of the young Korean stars who are very being adored by Chinese audiences, especially after drama My Girl was successfully when broadcasting on Hunan television station on the recent Lunar New Year.

In April last year, Lee Jun Ki has organized a big birthday party in Korea. It's near his birthday in April, Chinese fans are preparing the special presents to give him. They also assigned an association to come to Korea to participate this party.

According to sina's reporters, Chinese fans have gathered all the wishes for Lee Jun Ki; in there also had signatures of about 100.000 people. The fans also prepared special foods from all around the country. Besides, his official fanclub also revealed that they have prepared a mystical present which will be keep a secret till the last minute.

In addition, about those preparations, Lee Jun Ki's company said "We really touched and we'll send the wishes to Lee Jun Ki immediately. He hopes he has many chances to meet Chinese fans, hopes that he will have a chance to celebrate his birthday in China".

Asian Hunks F4 is Set ~ Concert in Japan in October

Asian Hunks F4 is Set ~ Concert in Japan in October

Plans after plans, F4 is finally set this year Oct 7,8 17 in Japan to hold a concert, estimating 30,000 fans attending. This is to continue Faye Wang, Jay Chou, it's a rare opportunity for a Chinese singer to sing in the local area, and F4 has broken record to sing 3 concerts in a row, and there's a possibility of adding days.

Jerry, Zai Zai, Ken and Vanness is using the slogan "Forever Friend" for the concert, representing like the four of their endless friendship, with their fans interaction never ending. Actually their popularity in Japan is surprising, but the concert has faded for 3 years, it's becuase the four of their schedules was too hard to compromise together leading to not able to hold it, only Ken and Vanness were able to hold it on their own.

This time it'll be heavily produced by Japanese production, Oct 7 & 8 will firstly be held in Tokyo Dome, this place is the heaven of music for Japanese singers, numerous top singers have held their concerts there, on the 17th they will be in Osaka meeting with fans that are outside of Tokyo. The 3 concerts and once producing for "Guiness Family" SMAP, V6 concert group, not only the stage, lighting, choreography, music will be top notch, the standards will be even more strict than the Hong Kong concert the year before.

Earlier not only had the location been confirmed, the concerts performance details has been discussed, F4 will be entering Japap about 1 month prior to the start of the concert, even rehersals will be done locally, the chance to see is a degree of caution. Jerry is currently filming idol drama "Hot Shot", this drama is expected to finish filming at the end of March, after that he'll be taking on tv dramas and films, but for the concert, he's already getting ready, his manger says: Jerry will be showing off some dancing in the concert, hoping to show his results after training.

Zai Zai is expected to finish filming "Ruffian Hero" at the end of Aug, then he'll focus on the concert preparations, he and Jerry has always had fierce rivalry, both sides fans protecting their idols, earlier the 4 got together for the tourism function, Jerry's fan's mistakenly thought Zai Zai's company was supressing Jerry, to become cool or was criticized. Therefore yesterday during the announcement of the concert news, was Jerry's management company repsonsible for announcing to avoid the debate, before F4 heads far to Japan, many "heart knots" is yet to be resolved.

asian hunks f4
asian hunks f4
asian hunks f4
asian hunks f4