Park Jin Young JYP wants to make a Movie -MC Mong, K-chart topper for 4 straight weeks

Singer, producer, composer, and big man CEO, Park Jin Young (JYP), has decided to go even bigger by creating a dance-based movie. On the 23rd, MBC ‘Section TV (섹션TV 연예통신)’ found JYP on the set of the CF he was filming, and performed a quick interview.

JYP stated that singer Lim Jeong Hee (임정희) will be releasing her official American album in about 2 months with the name J-Lim. He also talked a bit about Wonder Girls' new single and album. "Their concept is completely different from their first album, from the music, to their fashion; their dancing style itself has been changed around 10 times now.

JYP then spoke about his future project, a movie. He stated that his movie has a completed script, and that it will be a great movie, with great dancing and singing. He then got metaphorical by adding, "Music is a sport; anything with competition is a sport." JYP closed the interview by stating that he will be brining good news from the U.S. soon.

MC Mong, K-chart topper for 4 straight weeks

Last May 23, MC Mong has managed to defend the “K-chart” top spot of KBS “Music Bank” for 4 consecutive weeks for his song “Circus,” which is from his 4th album “Show’s Just Begun.”

Other songs which vied for the top place were SG Wanna Be’s “La La La” and Alex’s “Flower Pot.”

Shinwa's Andy rushed to hospital during filming

Shinwa's Andy rushed to hospital during filming

Shinhwa's Andy, who has just released his repackaged album, was in the midst of filming the MV for his new song 'Propose' when he had to be rushed to hospital for abdominal pains.

Filming for the MV took place all the way until the wee hours of May 1, but Andy had to be admitted to hospital halfway through filming due to severe abdominal pains. He was put on a drip for fatigue and enteritis, and was asked to stay in hospital for further observation and rest. However, due to pre-scheduled work arrangements, he went back home instead.

Although his management company was considering to pull out some of the activities on his schedule due to his health condition, Andy insisted on continuing with what was already planned. He went ahead to appear on a radio program after receiving treatment in the hospital and will still appear on KBS Music Bank on May 2 as planned.

The MV for 'Propose' will see Andy transformed into a barista, who prepares to confess his love to the girl he loves.

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